Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ready for August

because the boy's birthday is in September!
This is for Mr. B...........grandson number one.  The cook in our family........well, only at work.
I opted to sew this together differently than what the pattern said.  I had a ton of the light fabric, so I cut lengths of about  3.5" x 84" and set them aside.  After what seemed like days I finally had all the squares sewn together.
The pattern calls for a horizontal layout (no I can't tell you what cause that is copyright) and I chose vertical.

Then I lost my mojo!  I was not the least bit interested in making this up.  Warm weather had arrived (note the word had) so I wanted to be outside.
Then........the warm weather left us and we were back to fall like temperatures.  That meant
downstairs and back to the machine.
I sewed three sets together late one afternoon and the next day
got back to work in the morning.
I worked for a couple of hours, took a break for lunch and got back to it.
I sewed two sets together and then took the pieces to the ironing board and pressed the seams flat
I decided to press them to the light side this time.
The four patch that is horizontal was the reason.  Sometimes the seams won't lie flat over these seams and I do like flat!
By 1:30 the entire top was together.  Final pressing was done and so it was back to the machine to stitch along the top and the bottom -- just in case the seams decided to open up
which in at least one case, they did
Out into the fresh air for a photo.  I was going to hang it on the line, but Karl was working on a replacement set of steps for my wee porch so I couldn't get up there
however as Karl is known to do, the steps were finished and put in place after a day's work.
I went outside the next morning to see if I could get a better photo
I present to you
A Moment in Time
The Breeze Does Blow
What I do to Get a Good Shot!

Decision time on the thread.  Should I use Tassle or should I use the colour of the stripes.......

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Humboldt Broncos
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