Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Half way there

I decided one Sunday morning to put the back together for Brandon's quilt.  I had two loads of laundry to do and as the washer is in the basement, the sewing room is there too.......well, what the heck you might as well sew!
I had made a map of the backing, so I knew pretty well what I was going to do.
I had the backing fabrics at home after a quick trip over to Burlington.  Two of them were here so I only needed two more.

I started with the centre.  I cut light fabric so the ends were even and then layered that one along with the other two so they were all going to end up the same width.  I lost a lot of fabric as one of them was darn narrow.
The fabric at the top in photo #2 I just cut right down the middle so half of it would be at the top and the bottom.  I slit it as close as I could to the crease in the fold
The circle fabric I bought the entire length so I could just slit that one down the middle too.
I left the selvedges on and I did stitch across the top and bottom to avoid fraying.  I'm hoping now it will be wide enough.  If not, I can just take one side off, put a piece in and then sew it back on.  
The pillowcases were all cut, so I put them through the serger.
This quilt isn't going on the frame until late August.  I'm taking July off this year to fritz around doing not a lot of anything.

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Humboldt Broncos
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