Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The quilt that changed design

I dug out all my cream coloured fabrics..............from light to dark.  Then I purchased some dark brown fabric.  I had the design in mind and it was going to be easy peasy.
My only plan was not to lay two pieces side by side of the same fabric.  I wanted it mixed up.  I sewed the larger pieces first to the brown strips, then I sewed the narrow ones.
I did 7 blocks at a time and then pressed them.  I worked over a few days to get them all ready to take with me on the 13th of March to stitch and chat.

I laid some of it out on the floor at home using what I thought would be the final layout.  Yes, this was definitely what I wanted!

Well I got to the Museum and we laid out the 49 blocks.....4 of us worked on it.  Extra eyes are always good if you don't want two fabrics lying next to each other.
Once we had all the blocks laid out............
someone said
What if?........
we did this............
so we did..............
and we all liked it.
I brought it home and sewed it together on a rainy Saturday morning, and on a sunny Sunday and then it sat for a week while I made something else.  But the top is together now!
I love the looks of this.  I'm going over to Anita's to select a Fantastico thread for the top.  I have the panto all picked out.  This quilt is going to have motion.......lots and lots of motion.
The blocks are 12" finished.  The sashing finishes at 1 1/2".  The larger block was cut 7.25 x 12.5
the smaller block was cut 4.25 x 12.5.
I had my blocks cut larger as I was originally going to cut the sashing smaller.  I had to trim them up to 12 1/2" which is not a bad thing.
Here it is...............all put together and ready for the long arm.  The thread has been chosen, the pantograph has been chosen.  Now we wait until May 6th to put it all together.
Of course the wind was blowing!

Apologies to those that read yesterday's column early in the day.
Thank you Jennifer for letting me know that the link to the first website wasn't working.
I forgot to do a "thingie" after it was posted.  It's working now so you could go back and read it if you want.
One day ~~~~~ one fine day ~~~~~ my brain will kick into gear.

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