Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It seemed to take awhile

to get this quilt done.  I was not in love with the Bunny Quilt, (when I started it) so I decided to pull out my old faithful and make it up instead.  I asked the "farmer" if there were white chickens and ducks before I made all the animals up.  He said it was okay, so I proceeded.  
This is the finished top as I didn't take photos like I usually do.
 These are the Sulky threads I used to blanket stitch around everything.  The only thing I didn't do with Sulky were the ears and the face on the lamb.  
 After I snapped the first photo I stood the spools up in case you wanted the numbers.
I keep my Sulky threads in this container.  I think I'm going to buy another for my Superior Threads.  The basket storage idea I had isn't working very well.
This is the backing.  One large piece of fabric as the quilt only measures 35 1/2" wide.  Thank goodness!
It is really cute for a baby
nice little sayings with cute little bunnies.
This was intended for the original quilt and I have 3 meters of it.  I've plans for the last load of it.
When it's done, I'll put it in the donation pile
 Here are the critters.............the eyes are yet to be done.

This is my third quilt with this pattern.  Unfortunately, it is no longer available.  It's a shame because this would be a great seller.
I have never made a quilt with grey backgrounds.  I had a lot of problems with it.  I was really out of my comfort zone.  Would I do it again?
Probably.  It stretches you to work with fabric you don't normally work with.
I asked a few friends about the panto for this one.  Wait til you see it.
I had Karl's help--a lot--choosing an inner border.  I think I tried a dozen different fabrics until this one was chosen.  It's a batik with lots of variations in it.  I think I would have used it even if it hadn't worked.  I was a bit fed up at that point!

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