Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Before the column begins today.........
It's National Quilting Month!!!
I have new fabric in my house, I have new EQ patterns in my house, I have new ideas swimming around in my head.
It's going to be a very good month!

Finally, the penguin blocks are all done.  I'm now going to put it away until I come across the blue fabrics I want for the sashings and the border.  I can't do red and white for this quilt as the backgrounds are all varying shades of cream.  I didn't use one fabric, I used what I had in my stash.
Block twelve nearly did me in and held me back.  I'm still not liking it, but I'm finished, done, fini, terminado, f√¶rdig!
The block is too empty.  I did not want that hat perched on the top of the penguin's head, I wanted something else.  So I thought about a tree ~~ already have one of those in another block.  What about an igloo?  Done one of those too.  I opted for a wreath which I don't think I made large enough, but it was fused so it stayed.
It still looked empty, so I did a couple of holly leaves with red berries and that large white area was made a titch smaller.  I'm not really happy with it, but it may grow on me.
The last block!  Yeah!  I'm finished all of them.
I opted to do the song books a bit differently than the directions.  I cut the whole book at once and then added the "spine" to the book.  A little less fiddly.

This is it.  All the 13 blocks are finished, the backing is finished, now to find something for the sashings.  When I'm out and about I'll see what's in the shops.

I was just thinking......if I went back and redid two of the blocks in row 3 I wouldn't need to do sashings........those blocks could be used for a label on the back.......maybe I'll consider that and just do borders.  hmmmmmmmmm, thinking about this.

Do you have a stash of batiks in your house?  
My friend Anne found this pattern on the web and sent me the link.  I'm paying it forward
here you go........
it is called Ebb and Flow 
and it would make the perfect quilt for a man

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