Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hugs and hearts

Hugs and Hearts
is the name of this design.
I made an addition to this pillow (which you will see)
as I decided to add some 
heart shaped chocolates
to this gift.  I'm going up to
to buy them this week.
The front of the pillow is quite simple.  6 strips of fabric cut 2 5/8" by 19" and then sub-cut into triangular shapes.  Add a large piece through the middle, fuse a few letters in place, and you end up with a cute design.....second try, you get the cute design.....first try......not so much, so no photo.  
I sandwiched the top and used a fabric I call
"what was I thinking" as the lining.
Inside a pillow is a great place to use it up and hide it.
I made a backing with left-over fabric from the front and put in a zipper

 then I added a pocket to hold the

chocolate heart(s)
I sewed the two sides of the pocket twice for extra strength.  Little hands will be using it.
I originally intended to make a buttonhole and use a pink button so that the pocket could be closed, but as I had to buy a whole package of them I opted to buy one single button for a very large sum of money.......$2.60.  
I saw an idea on the internet for making labels and decided to try it "my way".  I took out the only twill tape I had in stock, fused the cut ends with Fray Check and wrote on it.  I highly recommend wider tape for this but it did work.
I sewed the button to the twill tape and then kept going sewing it to the pocket front.
Now Julia can use the pocket for anything she likes, without having to open and close it.

Ready to be delivered before Valentine's Day to wee Julia.  

When it came time to do some fancy stitching on the pillow top, I looked at my machine and had to make a decision.  When I named the design Hugs and Hearts I knew hearts had to be somewhere on the pillow.  I decided to put them here
along the edge of the pink and cream.
I didn't like the heart that was programmed into my machine..........
I wanted something simple and plain.
I decided to try another stitch.  It is probably a "tulip"
the one on the left in the second photo.
I lengthened the stitch by quite a bit and I decided to go with it.
It is a "whimsical" heart.......that's what I'm calling it.
Close enough if you use your imagination

Sorry, Sorry

I missed this one.

It is a block of the month over on Angie's website.  

It's free
and it is absolutely adorable!
I'm going to collect the pieces and put them in a binder
and then I'm going to do the whole thing all at once........perhaps!

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