Thursday, February 12, 2015

February challenge

If you live in the northern hemisphere at one time or another it is going to be cold.  It could be just cold or frigid cold or wind biting cold.  I can take cold, I can take frigid, but when those winds howl it can be downright miserable.
If you go out the door (and some days I don't on days like that), your fingers and toes seem to feel the brunt of it.  We won't even discuss how your nose feels.
I kept my theme for the year going.  Boy, when you clean up it's amazing what you find.  These are so easy to make you can do them in an afternoon.
Okay here you go:

You will need 4 pieces of COTTON fabric.  I used a main fabric, 2 pieces of muslin and a backing fabric.
I'm keeping my theme alive.  I found fabric with little tiny reindeers on it.

 You will also need:  brown rice (it retains the heat longer), pinking sheers, marking pencil, funnel, measuring spoon and a round circle (template provide).
Lay your fabric on a flat surface with the main fabric, face down.  Layer your two pieces of muslin and your backing fabric.  Pin together randomly.
 Draw circles on the backing fabric (I chose this one so I could see it).  Leave 1/2" space between the circles.
Take the whole piece to the sewing machine and sew on the line you have just drawn for each hand warmer.  Leave an opening large enough for the funnel to slide into.  
Cut out each hand warmer with your pinking shears.  Do not clip the stitches.
I re-enforced my start and finish stitching on the first three I made and then realized I didn't need to, as you will be stitching the opening closed when they are filled.
Fill the hand warmers with about 3 tablespoons of brown rice.  You could scent the rice if you chose to....I don't do scented anything.  Perfumes and the like really bother my breathing.
Once filled, pin the opening closed and then stitch the opening, reenforcing the beginning and the ending.
5 sets of hand warmers ready for Christmas in under 2 hours.
Before you go out the door, pop these into the microwave for 30 seconds.
Put them in your mitts or gloves and
keep your fingers warm while you are the cold weather, in the frigid weather, in the winter windy weather.  
There is a PDF available for the template for the circle and the directions for use.
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