Saturday, January 31, 2015

It could be over

On my sidebar for the last couple of weeks, there has been a link to follow me on Facebook.
is no longer available.  At least for now.  It may happen again, it may not.
I deactivated my account on Friday afternoon, which leaves me with the option to activate it again if I desire.
The past week has been nothing less than stressful for our son, his wife and their two boys.  Mom hasn't faired too well, but we haven't told our son.  I had a couple of sleepless nights, but we didn't tell our son.
His company was sold awhile ago and during the last week the merger was finalized with the new owners going in and a few people lost their jobs.  That company was Tim Horton's.  According to the news media -- who never give the truth but right now that is our only source -- approximately 350 people lost their jobs.  Out of a work force of approximately 96,000 people that was not a lot when you think about it.
Would our son loose his job?  We didn't know.  For the moment he is still gainfully employed driving his truck up and down, back and forth.  Will he loose his job?  We don't know.
What hurts the most is the backlash that has appeared on Facebook.  People are talking out loud and maliciously and wrongfully.  They don't know the facts, they don't give a damn, they are saying they are planning boycotts of the company.
Yes, I realize it is probably a temporary thing, but when it is your son's livelihood that they are bashing it hurts.  I tried and others tried to explain but people don't read what you write.  They read what they want.
I decided for my own sanity to step away from it.  Facebook can be nothing but bloody nasty sometimes and at the moment I want no part of it.

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Humboldt Broncos
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