Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A new month

and with it, hopefully, some new luck.  We just about ran out of it in September.
1.  Our fireplace wouldn't start up -- it's gas -- cost us $100 for a 10 minute visit
2.  My washing machine died.  No way was the tub going to spin around.  $700 and we had a new one.        
3.  Our daughter's cat was very ill.  Turns out she had pancreatitis
4.  Our son's dog was diagnosed with renal failure and they had him put to sleep.
5.  Misty was ill and had a visit to the vet.  She had an infection in her bladder.
That was the middle week of September, so we are darn glad that week is behind us.
New things.
Cody and I have been working on a project that I'll show you later in the month.  From the leftover fabric I decided to just stitch them together and come what may, that is what I would use for a quilt......if luck would have it a lap.
That didn't happen, but!
I did get two!  Bonus.  I asked on Facebook what the girls thought I should do.....put appliqué on them or leave as is.  They are all great and I got some ideas.

Kristen suggested this (not my Kris by the way)
I would add something, depending on who is receiving them. If for small children, maybe an ocean scene: a couple of fish, some coral and kelp, a whale or turtle. If they are for an adult, you might want to leave them. They are gorgeous.
Jennifer ( a friend from Australia) gave me this idea
They are lovely, but they will make great against a summer sky springs to mind.
I decided to go with fish for the first one.....make it more a boy quilt.  I "googled" fish coloring pages and the best looking fish appeared.  I made him bigger on my word programme and I was so happy with the size.
click on the picture for the link to the fish
I checked through my batiks to see what I had and by golly, luck was really turning around.
I had orange, yellow, black, cream, red.  Perfect!
I made the fins and the tail with the red and cut it larger for the tuck in side.  I like lots!
 The orange is the body.....see how much tuck in I allowed myself?
 The cream/yellow are the strips that the clown fish are famous for
This is it!  
One little fish, two little fish
Their choices were great.  The one strip of fabric almost says "the sea" to me.
Wait for the next one.......

Here it is all done.  I had fun with this.  Front, back and a new style of label

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