Thursday, September 11, 2014

Have you ever purchased

a piece of fabric, brought it home and thought "what was I thinking?"  It has happened to me so many times, I've lost count.  This has been in the closet for a few years now.  It was suggested by a gal in a quilt shop as the band for a pillowcase.  In my mind it didn't work so it got rolled on a bolt board and forgotten about
until Cody was looking for lining for his last console cover.

I was working on cutting up 5" squares for whatever.  I had no idea, but decided this was a good size to start with and I could cut them again into 2 1/2" squares if I wanted to go that route too.
I sat at the laptop and designed an on-point quilt and then did a random/not so random placement of fabric on the flannel wall.
I was just about finished sewing the rows together when I thought of that fabric, upstairs, rolled on the bolt, buried under two other pieces.  I won't use it for anything else, I'm positive about that, so this is the binding for this quilt when it's finally done.
It works well with it.  Everything is bright and cheerful and it will show off the HST's which are a cream colour.

I have a load of the squares cut, so I sat and designed quilt #2's done too....well the top is.

Karl and I were sitting in the backyard on Monday afternoon.  I had my housework for the day finished and he had his gardening done, so we took a wee respite.  I had my camera with's attached to my hip.....and I decided to look up.  I snapped this photo of a chick-a-dee coming in for a landing.  I wasn't sure I got him, but........
I did!
I cropped the photo so you can see him a bit better.  His wings almost look transparent.
Our backyard is busy right now.  The sunflowers have their seeds ripening
and the goldfinches are having some pretty healthy meals.
What we didn't know ~~ but have witnessed ~~ the sparrows, the hummingbirds and the chick-a-dees love them too.

I'm still hoping to snap a hummingbird.

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Humboldt Broncos
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