Thursday, August 7, 2014

When I turned around and saw this

I fell in love!  I was all done with my fabric selections at fabric Crafts 'n More in PEI and then this
caught my eye.
There were four fabrics, not from the line, but they worked with them. Thinking back I would have loved a blue to pop in somewhere, but alas didn't think of it at the time. 

We went for a drive after we left the shop and I designed a quilt in my head.  I didn't get to the quilt until last week and then discovered the cream fabric in the panel and the cream I had purchased were no where close in colour.  I had to make a decision, so I opted to fussy cut the panel and get rid of all the cream that surrounded the block.  Shame, but it had to go.
I'm not particularly fond of this cream but I used it cause I had purchased it and this quilt was a challenge for me.  
The challenge I set myself was to make the top and the backing from only what was in the house.  Nothing more purchased. 
This was day number two.  A bit of the front done and the backing started.
I decided to make the backing first from everything I had on hand and the spare blocks from the front.....I still have three so I have decisions to make on them!

I spent last Monday afternoon getting the rows together.  Thank goodness for flannel walls that keep things organized.  This was a breeze to put together.
I still had the borders to do and I wanted something different.  
This is it.  All put together, ready for a final pressing and waiting to be put on the long arm machine on September 9th.
I decided to try something new with my inner borders.  The next time -- and there will be a next time -- I do this, I'm going to take what is the green on this one and do one more border.  I had a fear I wouldn't have enough fabric from the final border if I had added it on this one.
The quilt will be bound in the green.
As this fabric tends to fray I think I'll do a running stitch around the perimeter while it waits to be quilted.

This quilt has two names at the moment....."This one's for me" ..... or .....  "I did it my way"
I'll figure it out

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Humboldt Broncos
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