Monday, July 28, 2014

Inspiration is all around you

that's what Mark Lipinski says and he is right.  Sometimes it's just that wall hanging you see in a quilt shop and that was it for me.
Karl asked if I would like to go up to O'Leary and I quickly agreed.  After all the only thing that counts in town is the quilt shop.....but, shhhhh, don't tell the rest of the towns folk that.  My friend Michelle works in the store which is located in the basement of the Rexall Drug Store.  It is a h.u.g.e store.  I wandered around for a bit and chose fabrics that I needed....okay, buy.
Then I spied this
and then I went on the prowl for fabric.
I found this one....not the one I originally liked, but I could certainly work with it.  Someone needs a 
quilt to sleep on this winter.  I had the blue and brown chosen to go with the other fabric, but decided to bring it home with me anyway.  It's now in the stash!
I thought I could change the size of the sashing and all would be well.  Wrong!  So back to the pattern.....yes, I have it, but I can't share as I don't have permission.
 I cut up all the fabrics
and got right into the sewing, then the reverse stitching and then sewing again.  This is row one

 and here it is.  Waiting to be quilted and I know exactly how I'm going to do it.  Flannel on the back for sure and some kind of cat design.
Okay, that's one load of fabric down.....a new pattern soon.  I'm working on it.  
You've actually seen the piece quilted.  The binding is now on and ready to be stitched down.  We might go camping again in the first week of September.....then and again we may not.  
If we do, I'll have lots of bindings to get sewn down.  

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Humboldt Broncos
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