Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Quilt Canada

When you go to Quilt Canada, you are not allowed to take photos of the Juried show.....all the others, but not that one.
We wandered through that part first and if you would like to see it, follow the link below and photos have been posted by CQA
The Trend Tex winners are here:
Let's not forget the youth of this country
The rest of the show we could take photos, so we did.  A little Smilebox for your enjoyment is below.  The red and white quilts were at the entranceway.  All are the same, from different provinces, but quilted totally different.  Check out the last one.  (They are in two sets so don't think you are seeing double)
We also got to shop at the most fabulous merchant's mall.  I have no idea how many vendors, but a lot
What did I buy?  Not much really, 3 cones of thread and a piece of fabric.  Now Cody on the other hand.......(you'll hear more about this tomorrow.)

This was my purchase.  One 5 metre bolt of fabric.....wish I had bought more now.....and two cones of Superior Fantastico Thread.  You will notice my favourite neutral is there and the blue/purple we figured we could use somewhere down the line.  I'm going to be playing with that thread pretty darn soon.
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Today is our Granddaughter Taylor's 17th birthday.  Taylor is but one of the artists in our family.  This is her final project for her art class this year.  She came over the other night and had Grandpa help her make the one section with the fish, so it would spin.
She has Thursday off school to prepare for a final exam so we are off for breakfast.  She wants her favourite.....Belgian waffles smothered in strawberries and whipped cream.

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Humboldt Broncos
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