Thursday, May 1, 2014

How does your garden grow??

Mine doesn't cause I don't garden.  I just sit back and enjoy all the gorgeous flowers that bloom all spring and summer long.
When I saw this fabric I loved it and wished that Susan had more in her stash.
 I love the colour of it and all those lovely little gardening items.
(the photo doesn't really show the right tone of the fabric.)

This was in my stash.........actually a project bag, but that project will never get done.  Guaranteed, so it's now a pillowcase.
The piece Susan gave me didn't measure 10"............less than 9", so I either had to make the case larger or expand the cuff.
I chose the later.
I cut away from one edge 1 1/2"
I cut from the body fabric ( I had about 2M in my stash)
2 3/4" and sewed it in place using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Then I topstitched it.
I sewed the band to the body with the "fancy" side so it would be inside the band.
A little bit different than you normally see.  A little surprise for the recipient.
The amount of the insert will depend on how much fabric you have for the band.  You want to make it so that it measures about 10".
The finished case.  I really like this one

I have a little tip for you when you are making the pillowcases.
When I sew up the final seam I don't start at the edge.  I don't want little tails from the thread that I have to snip off close to the fabric.
I go in about 1", back stitch to the edge and then sew it to the other end re-enforcing the end.  It's much easier to cut the thread close to the stitching and no fear of snipping the fabric
Here's the link I use to make up the pillowcases

I have queen size pillows on our bed.  I know the standard length is not long enough but didn't know what the measurements were.  I went searching and found this on
Like mattresses and bedding, pillows come in a variety of different sizes. 
Standard sized pillows are 20 inches by 26 inches. These are typically placed on twin sized and full sized beds. 
Queen size pillows are 20 inches by 30 inches and used on queen size bed. 
King pillows can be 20 inches by 36 inches or 20 inches by 40 inches. The lager size king pillows are normally used on California king beds, though both types can be placed on either king size bed.

There are 12 pages to the print-off, but you really only need the first ten.  Check your printer settings and adjust for pages 1-10 to be printed.

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