Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The day I wrote this column

was not a diamond day......more like stone.  I had it all written up, photos included and blogger deleted the whole thing!  I was not amused.

So here we go ~~ again!  this was quilted once and now it's been quilted again.  I used a fusible bat the first time and it didn't fuse properly.  The backing puckered, the front didn't look very good, so I sat one evening and picked all the quilting out.

While I had it apart I decided to add centers to the flowers and do the blanket stitch around the petals and just a straight stitch around the yellow in the middle.

I took one Saturday afternoon and sandwiched three baby quilts.  I wanted to try something that has been spinning around in my head for awhile. A baby quilt is the perfect place to try it out.  They are manageable and with the flannel backing on the quilt it will look great.

When I was finished I sat the quilt in the living room window to try and get the photo, then I went outside in the wind and the cold for that perfect shot in the snow.  Well it wasn't so great, but I did manage to get this one.

It looks really good.  I added more flowers by just doing the design of the flower on the top.  I added a binding of flannel, mainly because I couldn't find the border fabric.  I believe there is enough left to actually make a backing so maybe it's just as well.

I'm using up my 80/20 batting and I stitched it with Superior Thread's King Tut "Alabaster".  Sorry, I tried to find the name of the line of fabric, but no dice.  It was only a charm pack and I tossed the piece of paper from the packaging.  I'll have to keep better notes from now on.
Right now this is the quilt with no name.  I haven't come up with anything.  Perhaps......."Charming".
There were 42 charm squares to this pack.  Originally I was going to do a straight to the point quilt but it wasn't working.  There wasn't enough color variation.  I finally decided to do the quilt in rows of, pink, cream, cream, pink, green.  Now what to do with the final 6.  Ah-ha.....the border.
The border is cut 5".  The squares left over were placed 3 to each corner.  All that is now used up.

Two days of quilting, one evening of binding and another UFO is in the box.
as for this is going down.

Sharing our winter......

Confession time......
I forgot to stop and pick up flowers for the fella.  I did buy him sugarless candy though and a beautiful card.  He cooked supper, so I guess I was forgiven.

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Humboldt Broncos
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