Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yeah, it's here, it's here!!


    Autumn has arrived in my part of the world and with it the red leaves on the maple trees, the golds on the birches, the weather has turned cooler, the birds are starting to fly south.  This is my time of the year.  I love the spring with it's brightly coloured flowers, but the fall is fabulous in southern Ontario.

     I looked into my dining-room window last month and noticed that my Christmas runner was still sitting there from last January.  I guess I've seen it there, but it just never registered.

     We  were over in Waterford to pick up the fabric for Kristina's Christmas gift and I spotted this:

      For some reason I really liked it.  That was it.  I picked it up along with some fabric (in the background) for borders and binding and brought it home.  I took the charm pack apart and laid it and decided to make it the same way as a runner I had made years ago.  It didn't take long to whip up.  A cloudy day, rain coming in the afternoon.


        No specific way to lay the fabrics out.  Just picked them up from the table in the order I laid them out.  I cut the border fabric 8" square and then twice on the diagonal to make the 1/4 square triangles.  The inner border is cut 2" and then the outer border 4".


Pick them up and sew them row by row until you reach the end of the fabrics.
I added an inner border of brown and then the gold leaf fabric for the outer border.  Then I changed my mind.
I opted to go with no binding.  I actually sewed the final border on and right to, the batting.  I then did a bit more stitching on the runner and then I sandwiched.

Now a little add on...........

       I'm using up my stash.  I cannot afford to spend any more money before Christmas, as Karl and I made a deal with each other.  A new TV for the living-room and I'm paying half.  That means I'll get the remote control 1/2 the time!  You believe that and I'll sell you some good land up on the Canadian shield.

The brown of the inner border and the backing all came from the stash.
UntitledOn the back I used up the last of the pieces.  I didn't think there was any reason to save them.

The runner is now in the window.  I'm still not sure about the border.  I looked at it in the dark of the store and it looked good, but now...........

More from the stash next week.

I'm ready for fall!!!!

Here is a link you may be interested in.  Scroll down to the bottom or stay at the top if you want, but the ones Irene and I like are at the bottom and they are for Christmas and winter.  Now that I have a printer, I think I'll run off those Santa's and give them a whirl.

Thanks for the links Irene.

Well, I was asleep at the switch this morning.  I forgot to post today's column.  I'm sorry.

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