Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ahhhhh, stitch and chat

The second Friday of each month a group of us get together and yak and sew and eat and sew and yak.  It's a really great day.

We had show and tell in October and as I had my camera with me I have some fabulous photos to show you of the work some the gals do.

The first two quilts were made by Andree and Karen Power, a long arm quilter in my Town, did the machine quilting.  The first was custom quilted.

and this is the back of the quilt.......

This is a stack and whack and I didn't take close ups. Sorry.  It's different from the one I'm doing, but there are a few books out there on Stack n Whack.

This is the machine quilting on this one, done by same girl.

Margaret was binding this table runner for her daughter.  Very suitable for the month of October.
She thought maybe she should have put two pumpkins one way and two the other.  I told her she had plenty of time to make another one!
The pumpkins were all pieced and the leaf is three dimensional.

Karen was finishing up the binding on her quilt she just got back from Robin.  The name of the panto on this one is New Wave.  Wouldn't that be a super panto on a blue quilt?  You know one of those jelly roll ones?
By the way, that entire quilt is bias.....the whole blessed thing and it was square when Karen handed it to Robin and square when it was returned.
Two super quilters we have here.

That was it.  There was more going on, but I'll feature those girls another month.

We are doing two things at our next meeting.  Two mini workshops if you will.  I will have my camera for that one.

Holding you in suspense, aren't I.

Just a wee add on for today.  Karl and I often sit on the bench that sits underneath the trees in the corner of our yard.  One day we looked up -- way up I might add -- and spotted a wasps' nest.  On Saturday, after the storm went through, Karl was out picking up the branches and spotted the nest lying on the ground.  Creatures are amazing, aren't they.  As much as I hate anything the buzzes in my ear, I have the utmost respect for what they accomplish.

All those tiny little holes and then the covering which now is like the finest paper you can imagine.

I must say though, I am glad they are gone for this year.  Not amused when they "zzzzzzzzzzz" around me while I'm doing nothing.

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Humboldt Broncos
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