Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It all started way back

in January of 2008.  I believe it was me that said "Let's do Sylvia's" and two girls said okay.   We did ten blocks a month for a long, long time and then we stopped.  We couldn't continue.  The link to the book is here

We were able to print it off the internet way back then.  It was pulled and a book was published.  I never bought the book just continued with all the errors that were out from the website.  Not amused I can tell you.

This spring I decided this was it!!!  I had the fabric and 86 blocks made.  I had done enough.

I played with the blocks on EQ7 and thought maybe on point with a brown in between, but when I put it up on the wall, I didn't like it.
Then I thought perhaps sashing in between with cornerstones and I sewed many rows together
only to decide I didn't like that either.  Then I had to take them apart.

Finally I went with this........brown sashing, brown cornerstones and a new layout all together.
 I have the borders left to put on, but I want all the paper removed so I can get a true measurement.

Paper acts as a stabilizer and there is little give, so a measurement that is right on will be not possible.  It will take awhile to remove all the paper but heck I've got all winter.  I should do it on the front porch really so the wind blows the bits and pieces away.  The weather is still good, so I could do that.

I am so glad it is finally done.  Now its not peering over my shoulder while I work in the sewing room.

A couple of tips for you.  There was a lot of paper piecing in this quilt top.  Start with a new needle in your machine and when you have finished, put another new needle in.  The paper could possibly dull the needle.
Do not press your quilt until all the paper has been removed.  The ink from your printer could transfer to your fabrics.

Okay, I've got a
not a big one........just a beef!!!!

Three of us have been doing the Hello Moon BOM.  We are all caught up and here we sit and wait and wait and wait.  It is now September 10th and still no August block.  I wrote a really nice letter to the gal and yes, August's block would be posted that night.  She just had to do the artwork.  Well that was a few days ago now and nothing! 
I sincerely wish that if people have lost interest in something they would let us know so we can move on.  It isn't fair.  It just isn't fair.  I'm going to design September's and October's block......I'm thinking about August and I'm going to forget about this entirely.  Very annoying.
If you notice the link to this block has been taken down.  I'll be a bit more careful in the future who I give a plug for.

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Humboldt Broncos
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