Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A few weeks ago

when we travelled to Waterford to pick up the backing for Kristina's quilt, she spotted a bag hanging up in the shop.  "Everyone uses these in Mexico, Mom."  I took a quick look at the pattern and said it was sure doable.
These were her fabric choices.  The floral with the orange and light green were the ones she wanted for a "summery" bag and the darker one is for the fall.

I was just about to cut the summer fabrics when I realized there was a pocket on the back.  I made a quick phone call and when that was all straightened out, I started to cut.  As we decided to line the bag with muslin, as I cut, I put tags on each piece.
The zipper was so easy to put in.  The directions are absolutely perfect and I did it step by step, not presuming I knew more than the designer.......can you believe it?

When you finish the front, you set it aside and start working on the back.  I had the batting to cut out and a tiny bit of stitching to do on the pocket.
It took all of 15 minutes to do that.

Here it is.  All ready for the Bahamas, not Mexico this year!  This is the front and I must say I love that green zipper with it.  Adds some punch to the bag.

And this is the back.  That is a soft green for the back
and it photographed very poorly.  It didn't matter where I took the shot.

These would make the greatest gifts for people.  They take fat quarters, some batting, and a zipper.  You could jazz it up with some buttons if you wanted to.

The pattern is from Lazy Girl Designs and I know I have one for a wee change purse.  I should go in search of that.

I have another one done.  This is for Morgan for Christmas  and

another one!  

This is an autumn bag.  Well, a girl has to have more than one bag.

Second section of this column:
This week's pillowcase I hope will be given out as a pair.  They are both going in the donation box.  I bought 2 meters of was on sale....cut off 10 1/2" from both fabrics and made it into a cuff/band for the opposite pillowcase.  I have never heard of anyone ever saying a pair had to be identical.
Third section of this column:
Apple season is here.  I love cooking apples.......Cortlands are my favourite but I'll take a Northern Spy.  I'll even use Delicious.
This recipe appeared on the Land o'Lakes blog and we are going to give it a whirl.  Our grands are coming the end of September and want to bake.  I think Taylor could handle this

Fourth section of this column:
 The August BOM from Hello Moon was finally posted.  L.a.t.e. on Monday night.  By that time, I had designed the last blocks for the year, and I'm going with what I did. I'm not particularly fond of her block -- I could be prejudiced.  Anyway, here are my blocks for August and September.  I'm caught up.


I'm taking the embroidery work to stitch and chat today and finishing it up.  Then I guess I may as well get on with it and finish the last 3 blocks.


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