Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It‘s book review

time again.
The girls at stitch and chat were talking about Edyta Sitar coming to the quilt shop in Fonthill.  I’m always the last to catch anything going on, but I was able to get a ticket!  Yeah!
This started a whole series of things which ended up by me buying her new book…..Seasonal Silhouettes.  It is WOW!cover
I do love piecing but applique draws me in too.  However, it has to be easy.  I’m not into hand applique where you cut out the pieces on freezer paper and turn the edges over and take lots and lots of time.  I have done one full hand applique quilt and it will never happen again.  All of these designs are for fusible web.
I think what drew me to the book was the month of January.  It isn’t your run of the mill snowman……it’s a pair of skates.  Lots of memories for me.  I grew up in Quebec when we had cold winters with lots of snow.  My Dad made us an ice rink in the backyard and I spent hours on it. 
July is great too.  Karl and I were in Calgary one year for their annual event…..The Stampede……everyone wears cowboy hats during the week.  I’ll just swap the flag out for a Canadian one.
  December is beautiful.  I really love this one 
You can buy the laser cut fabric shapes, but I’ll have to be making my own.  The price for them is a bit out of my league.
There are great template tracing pages in the back of the book and the possibilities of doing your own free motion quilting are endless.  I‘m going to start mine in September and each month make another.  I have no idea what I’ll do with them…….individual wall hangings?  a full size quilt?  bed runner?  Oh yes, so many fabulous ideas are bouncing around in my head.

Just over there to the right, is a new "gadget".  Pillowcase of the week.  I have so many to make this fall I thought I would do a little blurb about each one.  I hope they will all be a little different for each of the recipients.
The first one is Morgan's.  She got to choose the fabric..............flannelette..........a devil to work with so I put my walking foot on my machine and it just breezed right through it.
#2 001 - Copy
  We selected the pink fabric to give the case a bit of zip.  I cut back the body of the case by 1” and made the band the same size as always…..10 1/2” x 41”.  We were trying to pull the pink out in the turtle’s shell.  #2 003 - Copy
I think we did pretty good.
All the instructions I used are here:
I like the idea of pillowcases for gifts.  You can make them as individual as the recipient is.

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