Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It was a great morning

We picked our girls up around 9:00 am and headed out to shop!  Karl was our chauffeur which was really nice.
We headed over to The Quilt Junction in Waterford as there was a sale on.  We were looking for backing for Kristina’s quilt.  Unfortunately, nothing on the sale table would work so we went inside.
She looked and looked and finally decided on this
fabric 030 - Copy
which has a tiny flower and in shades of “cream” and “brown”.  Noticed both in brackets as that doesn’t quite describe them.  It isn’t something I thought she would choose.
They also knew they had to find some fabrics for pillowcases.  They weren’t told when they are getting them.  We also needed something for Emily, Cody’s girlfriend, as she is leaving for university soon and this is our gift for her.
fabric 033
Taylor on the left, Emily in the middle and on the top the body for Cody’s.  I know where I can find great cuff fabric for it.  Morgan wanted the turtle fabric and the pink will break up the pillowcase between the body and the band.  The extra is for a donation to Ronald McDonald house.
Kristina kept browsing and found this!  Everyone has these in Mexico Mom!  Everyone but our daughter.  She chose the fabric for a “summer” bag and then spotted the fabric 034fabric right at the top.  The orange can be used for both bags.  She has plenty for the strap and the wee bit at the top.  I’ll use muslin to line it.
Another anniversary trip is on their horizon but she was told her quilt comes first.  My long arm quilter is coming home soon and I need the quilt ready when she says…….”now”.
After all that shopping we stopped at a veggie stand on the way home.  We bought fresh Ontario fabric 037fruits and corn on the cob.  It was a fabulous morning………….one to be repeated……..after Grandpa sees his Visa bill.  yellow-smiley-surprised-emoticon
I bought nothing.  It wasn’t my day to look.  My attention was drawn into a thousand other places.

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Humboldt Broncos
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