Wednesday, July 31, 2013

If you make a promise

you have to carry through on it.
Last week I said I would show you all I bought at the little –well, not so little – quilt shop in O’Leary.  By the time I got to thinking about this column the pillowcases were nearly done.  This is pretty much all from the store.  A couple were extras I had to purchase to use up the leftover cuff fabric.  Before I go any further, I should tell you the shop is called Fabric Crafts'n More......just in case you care to wander down to PEI and need a little "fix".
pillowcases2 008 - Copy
I love this one!  It says PEI and Oakville!!!!!  I bought a backing to go with it that speaks our harbours.  Yes, we have two of them.
PEI fabric 009PEI fabric 010
Michelle showed me this one and all I could think PEI fabric 011of was to switch the teddies to be side by side and add a border(s).  I bought lots of the stripe.
PEI fabric 012
This was suppose to be for pillowcases, but when it got to it’s forever home, I decided I really liked it.  For a person who doesn’t like blue that’s quite a statement.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.  Pet it for awhile, and give it a good think?  I’ll come up with something.
I bought two other things in the store.  They also sell yarn and I had this enormous fear I was going to run out of knitting supplies while on holiday so I bought the softest, cuddliest yarn I’ve had in a long time. hats 002 It’s from Patons and its Beehive Baby Sport.  I want more of this and the factory outlet is having a tent sale and I’ve asked Karl to journey up there with me.  He hasn’t agreed yet, but……………………
The last thing I bought I have yet to affix to my vehicle.  I hadn’t seen this in any other store and it’s just one of those things “you have to have”.
this 001
Quilt show season is starting up again soon, so I better get the window washed and get it on there! 
I’m going to give you the link to Quilters Connection web page for the shows happening across Canada.  There may be more so check your local area.
We are heading to the KW show in September.  I went two years ago and thought it was fabulous.  Of course, what’s a trip if you don’t hit a couple of quilt shops. 
I think we'll drop into Creative Sisters in Kitchener and then pop over to New Hamburg.  They are both close to where the show is.

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