Friday, May 17, 2013


Some days it feels like that.  I go for days with nothing on my schedule and then its go, go, go and I am pooped at the end of the week.  I promise myself I won't do it and then wham, bam, shazam, I do.  Only have myself to blame.
Brown fabrics this time.  A lovely dark and a cream with bits of brown on it.  It looks difficult, but it really is quite easy.  Well, now that I figured out how to do it, it is.
I love EQ, but with no instructions you really have to sit for a bit some days for the construction of the block to come to mind.
There are three different whirlwind blocks in EQ.  I chose the easiest of the three.......
block sample 2 block sample 3 I do like the looks of this block, but it is so much work.  Perhaps I'll do it another time. 
I didn't do a layout this time.  I did a comparison of this block all on its own in a quilt with sashing and cornerstones.  There are occasions when you just have to bite the bullet and do a mitered corner. 
This quilt is okay with a long horizontal/vertical borderlong horizontal border  
but when you take the time to miter, it continues the lines right through to the edge of the quilt
mitered border

aand in my opinion it just gives the quilt some WHAM!!

Here's your PDF.  Enjoy making the "easy one".

Monday is the first holiday of the "summer" season.  Cottagers, campers, holiday folks are headed out this afternoon to enjoy the long week-end.  Fireworks will abound in my neighbourhood all three nights which is quite delightful.  We get to sit outside and admire them.
I'll see you all on Tuesday...................a Smilebox of the quilt show in Vittoria.

Have a Great Week-end.  Don't faint........I'm going to work in the garden.

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Humboldt Broncos
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