Thursday, May 2, 2013

Soooooo, I joined a new

stitch and chat group.  A bunch of ladies have plans to get together starting this fall and we'll stitch, chat, go on fabric acquisition road trips, chat, go to quilt shows, chat, learn new things, chat and maybe we will even get some stitching done.
Plans have been made by the upper echelon to "have a heart month" where wee things will be made to donate to a local charity, make a few things where folks learn something new,  and where we will go for our first group outing.........not in a snowstorm!  No one is telling where yet....hmmmmmm
It's been discussed that maybe a flannel wall would be nice, so the ladies could put up their work to stand back and admire and perhaps ask for advice.  I was on the internet and saw a great idea, but you know me..................I have to do it differently.
I cut a piece of fleece (you can use batting or flannel) 26" x 38" and a piece of fabric 28" x 40".  I pressed them together with the fleece against the wrong side of the fabric, then pinned around the perimeter of the two pieces. 
Starting in the middle I stitched from one side to the other and from the top to the bottom.  Then using my ruler I marked off the fleece into a 2" grid.  I stitched the entire piece together in less than an hour.
I trimmed the two of them so the piece measured 24" x 36" and then sewed a ribbon on the back for tying.

Where I planned on sewing the ribbon on, I first put a drop of Fray Check hoping that the stitching won't fray the ribbon into shreds. 
This piece will hold the blocks I want to "audition"
and when I'm ready to go home, I can roll it up

tie the ribbon and take my blocks home in the final order that had been decided on. 
It honestly did not take me more than 3 hours to put this together.  I just went for it  -- oh and I sewed that binding down by machine too. IMG_6245

I'm quite proud of myself.

Karl and I are off on a road trip tomorrow.  There is a quilt show over in
Vittoria, Ontario put on by the Norfolk Quilt Guild.  I've never been to one of their shows so I'm taking the fella over with me and we are having a day together......lunch is on me.
I'll do a Smilebox, but you will have to wait til I return from holidays and then you will be sick of them.  I'll have three for you.

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Humboldt Broncos
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