Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rufus and Jewels

One day when Karen and I were out doing something.....I do not remember what......I asked her about her new grandson who was about to make his grand entrance into our world.  She didn't know his was a secret!  Sooooooo, me being me, I named him Rufus. 
Well, he is here now and a cuter Rufus I've never seen.  Real name?  Nolan!  All 9 lbs of him.
I've been knitting hats again and the turquoise ones are for the Rufus' of this world
IMG_6399 and the coral ones are for the Jewels,IMG_6440 so named after my wee friend Julia who I christened Jewel cause she is one. 
These hats took me two evenings to knit up and are destined to Healthy Babies, Healthy Children this time around.
Our friend Tasha in our stitch and chat group donated yarn IMG_6460

and one completed hat IMG_6481 so two of us are l 

knitting/crocheting up some more.  The yarn is beautiful but Tasha did not enjoy knitting with it.  She got bored.  Tasha is a beautiful knitter.
I have done one hat with this yarn and I found the pattern on the Bernat website.  IMG_6477 Isn't this the cutest?  The "flower" was to be placed on one side of the hat, but Karl said how would you ever nap with that lump under your head, so I placed it on top.  IMG_6486
You would not believe how many shots I had to take of this before it turned out well enough for you to see.
The yarn made its own pattern which quite impressed me.  Never had yarn do that before.  The next ones I'm making I'm using a circular needle instead of the 4.  IMG_6482

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Humboldt Broncos
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