Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The lovely log cabin

I know you've heard it before but I do like this block.  Another versatile one that can be used in the quilt and it adds spark to the border
border log cabin
twist and turn the blocks and you have a new layout that is....well, dog gone nice
cabin 2

The log cabin has been around for a long time, long before you and I were here.  In days gone by it was made from whatever scraps the women had on hand.  It wasn't often hand quilted, more likely tied as quilting through some of the wool fabrics would have been very difficult.
Many variations of the log cabin can be found on the internet.  Barn Raising,log-cabin_barn-raising-300x271 Sunshine and Shadow, sunshine-and-shadowstraight furrow
and Straight Furrow
A two colour log cabin is beautiful

Enough of that.  Let's get on with the block. 
I finally selected my centre and from that I quickly chose the logs.  Three darks for one side and three lights for the other.  I try to go from the lightest light to the darkest light with a medium in between.  It's your choice cause as you have heard me say's your quilt.
I pre-cut everything.  The cutting directions are on the PDF.   You can if you aren't sure about your seam allowance, measure every time you add your logs.  I don't.  I wait 'til the end and if I'm out, believe me I'm not a happy quilter!!!!!!
I've added a blank block so you can put swatches of your fabrics if you like or dig out your coloured pencils and colour it in.  Have fun with it.Log Cabin
I was told the centre should be either red or yellow.  One represents the warmth of the hearth, the other lights in the window.  Today folks are fussy cutting fabric and using that in the centre.  Does it matter?  I don't think so.
Here's an interesting piece of information I found on the 'net.
In the British Isles, the pattern is often called "Canadian Logwork" and there are many Log Cabin quilts found in Canada.
I never knew that!  Well, okay I knew about the quilts in Canada, but not the name they used.

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