Tuesday, April 16, 2013

If this block takes you

longer than 2 hours, I'll be surprised.

An easy block in comparison to yesterday's contribution.  It is a lovely one though.

I chose two fabrics..............a cream and a blue.  I just liked the combination of these.

You need two 6 1/2" squares of the light, four 3 1/2" squares of the same.  For the co-ordinate you need four 3 1/2" squares.

If you chain piece the small lights to the darks you will have them done in 5 minutes.  Once they are sewn together add them to the large square.


When you have both sets together off set the pressing of the seam allowance and join the two sets. 

I pressed the final seam open to have less bulk.  That part is up to you.

IMG_5828I bet it took me longer to type this up than it did for you to sew it.  This block is versatile.  It can stand alone and make an outstanding quilt.

2dble 4 patch  All made with the same double four patch, just different placement and different fabrics.   4dbl patch dbl 4 patch

A print out of the instructions is available here.

I know you are wondering why the "something new to try" isn't here today.  I goofed.....plain and simple.  I'm goofing again tomorrow.  And after that I hope my brain is back in shape and we'll be back to doing these in the order they are suppose to be done.
I'd like to blame the bash on my head I suffered last week, but that might not be fair.  It's called not paying attention.  Sorry about the mess ups!

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Humboldt Broncos
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