Friday, April 5, 2013

and in conclusion.....

I made the batting up as I had a multitude of small bits. I hate to throw out. I don’t really know how many joins ~~ enough would be my answer I guess.
IMG_6029_thumb[2]IMG_6031_thumb[1]It lies flat and that is the most important thing. It took me an afternoon of machine quilting to finish it. Two days and I had left it this long? No words to describe my brain some days!
I did the border with Santa’s boots. I traced the pattern onto freezer paper, stacked a bunch of them together, stapled them, cut them out.
I pressed the freezer paper onto the runner and then stitched around them. I have a ton of them runnIMG_6034_thumb[1]ing about. 


I auditioned the binding.  I was going to use the rest of that dark green ~~ the photography leaves a lot to be desired on this ~~ but then I thought I better take a look.  Our living-room is dark in December and our table tends to be dark in the late evening hours.  I didn’t like the looks of the dark fabric on the dark wood (I tested this out late at night not in the brilliance of day time) and the background fabric worked the best. 
Done!  Sunday evening in front of the television listening to mindless stuff and I can put it away until December.  Phew! another off the pile!
IMG_6051 Whoops, I didn’t give the pattern designer credit for her work.  It’s from Happy Hollow Designs.

Well, sometimes things just tickle your fancy.  We are meeting our best friends in Ottawa next month for a short holiday together.  I was checking my calendar and although the page has been turned for a bit, I just noticed, there is no 7th of month.  Its moving right along so we’ll be seeing them sooner than we thought.
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Humboldt Broncos
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