Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Saving the documentation

of your quilts is something that is important not for today but way down the road.
We put so much effort into our work and then we either give it away or don’t put a label on or don’t write up about it.  I’m just as guilty as the rest of you.
There is a programme on the internet called Smilebox.  You see it on my blog now and again.  The other day I thought to myself what a great way to save our quilts.
Click on the link below and it will take you there
It’s free and it’s great.  I love this programme more than a lot of them out on the market today. I think but I have no proof it may have something to do with Hallmark.  I have the premium edition which gives me more designs, more music, more of other stuff.  I feel for me it is worth it.  Yes, I do pay for that privilege.
Once you have it downloaded you can select whatever you want to put your photos in.Smilebox 1   I try to look through and see what “cover” I like.  I have favourites……the latest I’ve used is under seasonal, so I clicked on that and for now chose Winter.  Then you select again.  I always make sure the format I pick has enough room for my photos.   Some only have one, others go to the hundreds. smilebox 3 The one I choose for my yearly quilt making has room for 400 photos and I can catalogue a lot of quilts along with their backings and perhaps the quilting done on them.  If you have a label photograph it too and pop it in.  Don’t forget to mention your long arm quilter!
After I have finished I can check out what I have done with a preview and then I can save it in the computer, print it or put it on a DVD.  You can even download it so you can use your digital picture frame.
Your documentation is done and its saved.  Its fun to do and saves writing out all the information you need. 
Try it with just a few photos in your computer.  It isn’t just for quilting.  Perhaps you have a load of photos from that last party you had celebrating a birthday.  Great little gift for someone.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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Starting on APRIL 1st, I am going to have a link on the blog to my album on Photobucket.  It will contain one photo from each page of the blog and you will be able to go in, click on the photo and it will tell you which column that featured that piece of work.
I’m hoping it will save you time trying to find things by going back and back and back and if for some reason the search engine isn’t working.
Trying to make life easier………………………….

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