Friday, March 15, 2013

Old Maid’s Puzzle

This block has a lot of description to it, but I’m going to leave a lot out on this page and let you download the PDF where everything is noted.
I thoroughly enjoyed making this block.  It has a lot of points but they all came together beautifully.  Never, ever worry if your points aren’t perfect.  Once the top is quilted you won’t really notice them.  In my opinion, points are really overrated!  LOL
I used three fabrics for this one.  Not really a background to this block.  A lot of half square triangles (HST) and a lot of bias which I suggest you be careful with.  Don’t stretch it.  As a matter of fact, give it some spray starch before you set to work with it. 
From the dark fabric you need to cut 8 ~~  3 7/8” squares, 4 ~~ 3 1/2” squares.  From the medium, you will need 6 ~~ 3 7/8” squares. IMG_5808 These two fabrics will make up the HST’s.  From the light you only need 1 ~~ 6 7/8” and then cut it once on the diagonal.
I’m not going to write a whole column on how to do this block.  It is all in the PDF.  If I kept going you would be reading for a long time and I don’t think its necessary to rewrite what I’ve already written.
Now call me what you will, but the left overs from the HST’s I kept.  I was going to toss them and reconsidered that when I remembered this is the year of not buying much.IMG_5829
IMG_5830 IMG_5831I’ll keep this in a Ziploc and add to it as I go along.  Another quilt can be made from what I’ll have when I’m done.  BTW, these blocks are from Monday’s block.  Ohhhhhhhhhh, you aren’t going to like me after that one! 

The PDF is here

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