Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When in Rome

make a Roman Stripe!  If you want to download from EQ, in the search engine on the block page, type in Roman Stripe 5.  That 5 is really important.
This is a quick, easy block to start our “Collection” off with.
roman stripe 001
Fabrics………………one background cut 12 1/2” square
Four stripes of fabric cut 2 1/4” x 18”
One stripe of fabric cut 2 1/4” x 6”
1.  Cut a piece of paper 12 1/2” square.  Doesn’t matter what kind……any paper (although I don’t recommend newsprint.) 
2.  You cut your background fabric on the diagonal, BUT you do not cut corner to corner.  Lay your ruler on the square allowing for a 1/4” seam allowance.
IMG_51503.  Take your background fabric and pin to the piece of paper.  IMG_5153 Use lots of pins to hold it in place.  The edge you will be sewing will be bias and you don’t want it to stretch.
4.  Lay strip one wrong side down along this strip, pin and then sew in place.  Press on the seam and then press to the paper side. 
5.  Now you can remove the paper. The next four strips are not bias.
6.  Continue sewing your strips in place, making sure with your ruler that you have allowed enough fabric to trim away.
7.  The last stripe will be in the corner and will be larger than required.
8.  Trim away the excess fabric all the way around.
9.  Roman Stripe is done.
A PDF is available.  Click here to download.  A watermark will appear on the instructions sheets.  They are copyright!
All blocks from this quilt are from Electric Quilt 7

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Humboldt Broncos
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