Friday, January 18, 2013

Tradition in Transition

Its strange how you hear about exhibitions.  I didn’t have a clue about this one, but my friend Jennifer in Australia, she writes the column Bronze Wombat,  had somehow heard about it when she was travelling in Ontario last fall.  She asked if I was going and of course, I nearly forgot about it.
Something twigged one day, so I called Charleen and asked if she would like to drive to the north – very north – end of town and take it in.
The gallery the show is held in is not large.  Lovely, but not the size you normally think of for a gallery.  We checked out the posting on the website and no time was specified.  We like to get out and get things over with, so we decided on a 10 o'clock departure. 
We won’t be going back to this particular place.  On the door it said the show was from 1-4……but they would open up if the door was locked.  It wasn’t, so we walked in.  We were greeted by a very unfriendly face whom I’m sure would have like to ask us to leave.  Another woman came out of the back and said we could stay, she would turn on the lights, we could take photos, but please be quiet as they were holding a meeting.  WE were not amused by this welcome!  Before all this was said they did ask where we were from.  It makes a difference?  Okay I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps they were just interested.
We won’t be going back.  We weren’t able to see all the pieces on display…………….because they were holding a meeting in one of the rooms where some of the pieces were.  Instead of 35 you will have to settle for 24. 
This is what the show was about.  I think it’s easier to read this, than for me to retype the whole explanation.   If you would like you couldIMG_5127 - Copy
use this link: and take in the photos and get an idea of what this is about.  It is all in French. 

I did make a Smilebox for you as the works were stunning.
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