Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Then she made...............

no not me, this fabulous gal on the internet that makes the best things.  Her name is Amy and her site is:
Somehow I found this…..did someone tell me about it?…..could have been……………………..
The link I was given by someone, some day, was for a snowman.  An adorable little snow person that will brighten anyone’s day.  When I went down to the store for my day out Margery already had her men/women done.
IMG_4960These have to be the cutest.  I borrowed one and came home with great plans.  It took me two days to go out and buy the socks and on a Friday IMG_4973evening I sat in the living-room, fiddling and fooling around.  I made four in no time flat.  The noses aren't on.  I was going to cut them with side the way, I made them from a skewer, painted it and ....................Karl cut them apart on the band saw. 

Okay complete description on how to do the noses.  The above is rather vague.

I took a meat skewer, painted it orange and then put in in the pencil sharpener.  I marked it off from the tip at 3/4" and gave it to Karl to cut them apart.  I kept doing the same thing with the same skewer until I couldn't fit it in the pencil sharpener anymore.  I did get all the noses you see from one skewer.  I had to repaint the tip, but that took seconds.  How did I hold it?  I placed an old pin in the flat end and held onto that.  I used Folk Art paint.  I then glued it on with tacky glue from Aleene's.  You could use a glue gun, if you wanted to, but watch how much glue you use. 

Okay to fill them.  I took craft beads about a 1/4 cup and put that in the base first.  Then I filled with stuffing. And I really, really filled them.  Those socks will stretch a lot. You can wiggle the base and have them stand flat and they will stand on their own.

I bought my socks at Bonnie Togs.  I don't know if this is just a Canadian chain of children's wear stores.  Anyway, they were just children's socks.  They fit Morgan but then and again, she isn't a big 12 year old.  Going to take after her Mom......a little shorty.

Well, I posted this on Facebook and lo and behold, our daughter in law requested 3 of them.  No surprise there.  I made these for her.  No noses again!  IMG_4983 but they were there when I gave them away.

Wish I had kept them....................I really like these, but I will get to make more.  Charleen wants to make some.

Gee, good add for Sony there. 

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