Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh darn, I fibbed

again!  Someone is going to get me for this one day.
I had posted over on our forum about the block of the month I had suggested awhile back.  There wasn’t much interest so I tucked it into the back of my mind. 
Christmas came and went and I was so busy finishing things I shouldn’t have started that it really got lost in the shuffle.  A brand new member said she joined just to do the BOM and that old guilt trip appeared.
Therefore, I’m doing a 2013 block(s) of the month.  The quilt is a queen size and there will not be directions for any other size.  I designed it on EQ so those of you that have the programme installed on your computer, can if you want, print off the directions directly through it.  If not you can download the PDF I’ll post on here and on another page.  It will be available for as long as it takes.
The name of the quilt………….."The Collection". 
Two blocks will be posted each month, with directions on the 15th and the 16th of each month unless there is a week-end involved.  I don’t write a blog posting for Saturday or Sunday and still enjoy those days off from doing it.  Once in awhile there will be three blocks for the month, so I’ll post that on the 17th. 
This is the quilt we’ll be doing:
Hanging by a Thread 2013 BOM 
It was designed to use up your stash.  The main fabrics do not have to be the same.  You can vary them throughout the quilt.
These are the fabric requirements.  This is a PDF.
Some suggestions for you.
1.  Start by placing all your fabrics in a storage box 553 and mark it……………..2013 BOM.  These are available at Michaels or online at Iris.
2.  Download the notes and put them in a binder, folder or store in your computer.  I suggest downloading cause if your computer doesn’t behave you will have lost them.
3.  Wind several bobbins and keep them with your blocks.  That way you will be ready to sew every month without searching.  I use a neutral coloured thread throughout.  Keep your thread with it too.
4.  Place your blocks in the same box (or another) so everything is there every month.
5.  The “sampler” will only be available for as long as it takes.  I just looked at the photo and think this could run into 2014.  We’ll see how we go.  I know how fast I sew, but not everyone can do my pace.  I work quickly because at one time I had too and its hard to break old habits.  Or maybe its just hard to teach an old dog new tricks.
Enjoy.  This is meant to be fun. 
And guess's

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