Friday, December 21, 2012

Finally it’s Friday

only 4 more days to go until turkey dinner. 

I can post this now.  We gave our kids their every 5 year big gift. 

I was working away in the kitchen on my Christmas baking and I innocently said to Karl……”one of these days I’m giving our girls a Kitchenaid mixer”.  “Oh”, he said, “they are on sale”.  “Where?” was the response.  So I phoned the store.  They thought they had one!  They thought?  I asked if they would please check as I was travelling a distance to come.  I don’t think they did as they still weren’t sure, so I said “thank you” and hung up.  Oh well, there went that idea. 

Karl started to look through the flyers and lo and behold Canadian Tire had them on sale too.  We checked on the internet and they had quite a few so off he went.  What colour was the only question.  I said black.

They are big……no make that huge! 


Before we even thought about buying these, I had made myself a new cover for the one I have.  It was time…….more than time.  I had made this one years ago for the Christmas season, so I had the pattern IMG_4985somewhere.  I dug it out and after a day of sewing I had a new one.


Karl said the covers for the new ones would have to be bigger, so I set about to make the pattern larger.  Good grief, I didn’t think THAT large.  It took a few attempts, but I finally had it.  The first one is for Peter and Heather


The fabric was left over from their placemats, which was left over from a project I had planned and never did and I knew I never would.

This is Kristina and Paul’s.  A very pretty green fabric from the Stonehenge line.IMG_4904

I just signed the inside of the covers.  Nothing fancy.IMG_4896

I was going to share the pattern with you, but as these machines come in so many sizes…….well, it isn’t going to happen.  Sorry.

On Sunday, my BFF is having a birthday.  Told you December was busy.  So once again you have to listen to me singing……….

birthday banner - Copy HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU






This is the last column for 2012.  I will be back on the 7th of January with more.  Some left-overs from this year to start.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

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