Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Charleen and I took a workshop

on one fabulous looking quilt.  It is taking us a long time to get it finished, but we do get together and work away on it. 
It is called Desert Nine Patch and as the name says its nine patch blocks.  I opted to go with what was in my stash as did Charleen.  We did buy backgrounds, but kept that to exactly what we needed.  And then because we goofed, we went back and bought more.  Ya gotta love quilters with no math skills.
The pattern is a free download from the net

If this link doesn't work, please let me know.  Timeless Treasures have taken their link down since I wrote the column.  Thanks Jan for letting me know.
Desert Nine Patch final but we wanted a bigger quilt.  I re-did on EQ and this is what ours will look like ~~ well sort of.  You’ll notice there are two backgrounds so the nine patch sets have two backgrounds in them. IMG_4524
I made up a little nine patch from scraps to keep me on the straight and narrow.  It helped I can tell you.  I’m making my desert like the Sonoma, not the Sahara.  I wanted a bit more “umph” to my quilt.  These are some of my fabric choices.
IMG_4514 and my backgrounds are
are these.  I didn’t want both to be creams and the blue is very soft so they can be combined in the same quilt.

I laid the quilt out on the floor in the downstairs sewing room.  I shoved furniture here and there and took chairs out of the room.  Holy mackeral it's big.  I’m glad I chose to do it here as no one would have been able to use the living-room for days if I had done it upstairs.
IMG_4936 - Copy
It sat here for a few days and then slowly I started to sew the rows together.
When the blog comes back after Christmas…….effective one day next week I’m taking some time off……..I’ll give you some pointers on this quilt.  Little things I learned along the way.

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