Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Boy oh boy, some people

are just pathetic.  I seemed to be one of them last Wednesday.
I took my Christmas tree kitIMG_4861 down to the quilt store last Wednesday to work on it.  It took poor Margery forever to hammer it into my head how to make these trees.  They are easy……..really, really easy, but for some reason, it just wouldn’t click.
I made one, sat back and said I don’t like it.  I took all the branches off and bought some homespun fabric.  Wellllllllllllll, that wasn’t what I wanted.  I made two trees up and then thought “you are not going to defeat me.”
I took out all my cut fabric and one dowelling and started with the smallest tree.  I tied the strips differently and lo and behold it came together.  I was starting to fall in love.  I tied my ribbon around the top and stuck the star on.  Crikey it looked good.
I took apart the two I had made and did the other two.  Holy hannah, they worked.  While things were going well, I got the glue gun, glued on the ribbon and the star, sat back, patted myself on the back and then got the camera. 
IMG_4968These are going to sit on top of the microwave in the kitchen for the holidays.  The fabric I tore off,  I’m keeping to make more trees as gifts next year for a couple of girls I know.
If you have 3~~1/2 meters of fabric lying about, you could make them too.  The directions can be found here…………………..
There are a few differences.  My dowelling was in a piece of tree branch sanded smooth and the dowels, including the base, are three different heights….15”, 16” and 18”.  Of course if you wanted to, you could always go over to Quilt Junction in Waterford and buy your kits.
You may be able to purchase the stars for the top at Stockade in Guelph. Their website is

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Humboldt Broncos
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