Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Dad started me on

making aprons.  Not your usual kind.  Denim ones. 
He phoned me one day, a long time ago, and asked if I could make him aprons to wear in his workshop.  He knew exactly what he wanted so between the two of us we drafted up a pattern and I set to work.  He was delighted.  I never had to make very many of them as they lasted forever ~~ well, until he made holes in them from welding.
Dad passed away over 15 years ago.  I know that cause that’s the year our granddaughter #1 was born.  She came along in June and 7 weeks later my Dad went to wherever the parties are being held.  (I hope to join him there one day.) 
 my dad 001 This is him.  Kristina is on his knee and Peter is sitting beside him.  That’s my Grandma……..Dad’s Mom.  Wow, this is old!
A few weeks after he was gone, I walked into his workshop and told my Mom I was taking the last apron I made for him.  I needed it ~~ desperately ~~ to keep on hand every day.  IMG_4254
This is it!  A very well worn apron.  I think I wear it every day and never, ever bake without it. Yes, that’s pastry you can see down there near the bottom. Its worn, but not worn out.  It will never be tossed out, not while I’m alive anyway. 
Morgan has celebrated her 12th birthday and we decided to give her a cookbook and with a cookbook IMG_4257 you definitely need an apron.  I’m trying to train her to wear one when she comes over to bake.  Purple is her favourite colour, but apparently I’m out of season for coloured denim.IMG_4255  I opted for this and I have no idea what the gal at the store told me it was.   I know she will lIMG_4256ove it cause its kind of sparkly

After checking out the cookbook  IMG_4258 we’ve sort of decided the girl needs to come for a visit to make up some of the recipes.  They look really good.

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Humboldt Broncos
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