Thursday, October 4, 2012

It’s October and that means

It can be pumpkin pie for Karl, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake………….just give us the pumpkin. 
I don’t buy pumpkin in a can.  Once Halloween is over, I take the gourd, scoop out the meat, boil it down.  Then I pack it in plastic ziploc bags in portions ready to use.  I mark the bag what recipe its for. 
I received my new Kraft cook book and lo and behold a new bread recipe.    Now I didn’t make it as a bread because I don’t have the pan size they call for.  I used an 8” x8” cake pan
and baked it for less time.  I cannot wait to try this one.  We already have two in the freezer
The recipe is here on the Kraft website:
Up next ~~ I made some muffins.   Jennifer from Australia was visiting Canada a couple of years ago and raved about the pumpkin muffins Tim Horton’s serve.  Now, I live here and I’ve never had them, but an Aussie visiting goes home, writes about it and thats how I found out..  What rock am I living under?
I googled pumpkin muffins and I found what appeared to be the perfect recipe.  I was ~~ I am happy to tell you ~~ so right.  (It does happen once in awhile.)  I only got 9 instead of the 12 as I have these huge muffin tins.  My son as you know works for Tims (yeah, there’s another part of the story) and they were selling these pans to raise money for their camps.  I bought two.  They are super heavy and make the biggest muffins.  Perfect.
Well, here they are…..all baked and ready to be devoured.  We each had one with our afternoon coffee. 
The recipe:  here you go……all the way from Great Britain! 
I haven’t made this cake for a couple of years.  It is big and you do need a lot of people to help eat it up.  It isn’t the best cake in the world for Karl as it is sweet………………..but so very, very good.  I need the whole crew around in for this one.
Its another Kraft recipe:
That’s it.  All the delicious pumpkin recipes in my repertoire.  Enjoy!

Okay I have to share.  Irene sent this over the other night.  Can you believe it?  She is done, almost.

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