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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh boy I think it was quite awhile ago

we talked about colour and Mother Nature being the one place that always puts on the best show and we could all take lessons from her.
Take a look at this……
This beauty has been in our backyard for quite awhile and I finally had the camera ready to snap a bunch of photos.  I took about 8 of them until I had what I wanted. 
As you know this is the inside of the Monarch ~~ I’m sure the most recognizable butterfly in North America.  Now this is the outside.  Notice the colour difference? 
It is softer on the outside than on the inside.  Just like taking a piece of fabric and turning it over.
Petals on flowers sometimes do the same thing.  I looked around the garden on the same day and checked out the shamrock shamrock Just as with fabric, the design is gone. 
The black eyed susan goes even one better…..black eye susan
a brilliant yellow on the front but  veins of green on the underside.
The clematis, which is having some health issues this summer is still struggling to put on a show.  A deep purple on the front but look at the underside…..
clematis gorgeous veins of white which aren’t visible on the upper side.
Mother Nature can give us all lessons on how to combine colours and not only the top side is beautiful, but the back ain’t bad either!  Now you have to wait until Monday to see why I did this.  Tomorrow is a recipe for all of you...............I was going to say more, but I'm going to save it. 

by Maya Angelou

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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