Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jan, Feb, and Mar valance will be easy

sort of, so I started with Apr, May and June.  I designed this one from an idea that was floating around in my head for a baby quilt.  I drew it up IMG_3856 and then started to think about how I would do it.  I decided on a dark background and this brown just shouted at me “use me”, “use me”.  So I did.  I quilted a simple cross hatch using the 45* line on my ruler IMG_3857  marking the lines with masking tape.  Then I auditioned thread.  This was the choice.  It does show up and I wanted that.  I had all the sewing done in a morning and then started on the little birds.
The beaks open and close.  Isn’t that cool.  Here is what I did…..
I cut the square 1 1/2” x 1 1/2”.  I laid them on the ironing board and pressed them in half to make a triangle shape.  Then I folded them once more and pressed.  I opened that pressing up and gave the “beak” a spritz of spray starch and then pressed again.  When that was finished I adhered a tiny stripe of fusible web to the back to make sure it stays in place while I sew the bird down.
The bird fabric is light and I wanted to give something a try.  Remember the circle tutorial and how you use fusible interfacing.  It was back in August ~ here.  Well I did the birds the same way.  This way I don’t have to fuse interfacing and then the Steam a Seam.  All done in one easy step and it worked beautifully. IMG_3891 It was then machine quilted using Superior Mono Poly thread with a zig zag stitch.  Oh and yes, the wing was done the same way.  The beak stayed in placed thanks to the fusible web and the little open side is facing downward.
There are three little birds on this valance.  One for each month and of course, one is headed off in the opposite direction.  Something that her mother would do.....yes these are for Kristina.  My tombstone should read.......she did it her way.  
This little guy will be used again in a baby quilt I planned a long time ago.  I have the fabric now, just have to get to it!
And this is it.   All done, ready for giving.

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Humboldt Broncos
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