Monday, September 17, 2012

6,000 seed beads later

and the second valance is done.  Well, okay not 6,000 but it felt like it when I sewed them all down.
I had the design in mind and the background decided on and the fabric all picked out. 
Those whites are all various colours and some of them I turned over and used the other side. (Remember the butterfly from Friday??????)  It does really look good all together. 

I went over to Dundas to see Anita and get my threads.  I also picked up a chart so I can keep track of my thread purchases and I don’t duplicate.  I can take this with me now and make my life just a titch easier.
IMG_3931 This one was pretty easy.  After I sandwiched the valance I set to work doing the quilting.  I gave the tree some character IMG_3932 and then I hung a rope from the tree so the mitts could dry in the snowstorm. Do you see those snowflakes whirling and twirling around?  
I did a zigzag with invisible thread to hold the rope in place.  I know you see red thread, but that was taken out and then I re-sewed it.  After all the machine work was done, I sat for one evening and one morning sewing on seed beads to the tips of each snowflake.  I wasn’t going to do them all but………IMG_3937
Here it is.  That’s two done and none to go.  The last two will be birthday gifts for Kristina and quite possibly for Paul. IMG_3936
Yes this is an original design. The mitt pattern is the January BOM so I did save some time pulling that one out.

I am a worry-wart. 
It never takes much to stir me up when something is wrong in the family, be it Karl, the kids, the grands.  If its mammogram time, its just b-a-d!  Fortunately I have a family doctor that really, really cares about his patients.  You know I had my mammo done last Tuesday and for the first time ever I had the most wonderful girl do the job.  4 pictures and I was out of there.  Doc phoned the other day.................I'm clear.  The month from *ell is over before the month is.  I put myself through this every year.  My family bear with me and I desperately try to stay away from people because some folks would never understand.  I know the expression is cancer is a word, not a sentence, however, once you have had this disease you live with it for the rest of your life.  It is always in the back of your mind. Okay get your mammogram done girls.  That's what saved me. 

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Humboldt Broncos
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