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Monday, June 18, 2012

Style #3

Well, what can I say.  This is also a favourite but I think a favourite so much I’m keeping it.  My kids can fight about the other two.  Well, maybe I’ll make the decision although I have a daughter that reads the blog and she probably already has hers picked out.  There are advantages to dropping in every once in awhile, aren’t there Kristina?
Before I begin this style I have a question for you.  When was the last time you changed the needle in your sewing machine.  If it has been awhile, take out a new one and insert it in your machine.  Needles will dull over time and it is the cheapest thing you can do to maintain your machine.  Here is a good article on sewing

Three fabrics for this one, but you probably have already chosen your background.  This is slate grey (or darn close to it) and black.  This is a Stonehenge fabric and the colours vary throughout so you will sometimes see dark and sometimes light and sometimes both and sometimes a little line that you swear is a crease and it isn’t!
Fabric 1………….the grey……………2 1/2 yards OR
                                                              2.3 metres
Fabric 2…………..the black………….3/4 yard     OR
                                                             .70 metres
Backing……… 3 yards  OR  2.75 metres
Binding………cut 2 1/2”……./2 yard  OR  .35 metres
style 3
Cuts:  For each block you will need 2……..2” x 9 1/2” strips
                                                                 2……...2” x 12 1/2” strips
1.  Cut one strip 9 1/2” and then sub-cut into 2” pieces.  You should get 20 from this cutting. 
Cut one strip 2” x the W.O.F*. and sub-cut 4—9 1/2” pieces
(*W.O.F. = width of fabric)
Sew the top strip and the bottom strip to each block.  Sew them together using the “strip/chain piecing” method.  IMG_2969Set the top first, then swing it around and sew all the bottom pieces on.  Take all of them to the ironing board and give them a good press.
2.  Cut another strip of fabric 12 1/2” and then sub-cut 2” pieces.  You should get another 20 from this cutting.
When I did this cut, I left the fabric folded in half and trimmed away the selvedge as close as I could.  I then started to cut 2” strips and did 10 cuts.  Then I opened the fabric at the fold and cut one more strip of 2”.  I cut one strip 2”  by W.O.F*. and cut three  12 1/2” pieces.  That gave me the 24 that I needed.
Sew these strips to the sides of each block and press.  Once all the blocks are done, sew them together and then sew your rows.IMG_2976
This is as far as you can go.  I’ll post the borders tomorrow and a final picture of the quilt.  There are 4 borders.  3 very narrow ones and one cut 3 1/2” to finish it off.
Now let me confess something here.  These quantities for the fabric are from EQ.  I must cut differently than they think I do and I had fabric left over.  I left the requirements as they came from EQ.  I like left-overs.

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