Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunday with our daughter

There is a long standing rule in our house.................what you do for one, you do for the other.  It started with our children and now its our grandchildren.  If you take one on a holiday you take the other, if you spend a certain amount of money on one child then be prepared to spend it on the other, if you give time to one, you give time to the other.

I wasn't raised like that but we made darn good and sure our kids were.  Yesterday was Peter, today is Kristina. 

"Smidge", my nickname for her, called last week and asked if we would like to go out for lunch on Mother's Day.  I am always agreeable to that.  Paul and Kristina had been to a new burger joint here in our town and said we would love it.  She invited Dad along too and that is part of his Father's Day gift.

This is another chain of Canadian restaurants.  They serve fabulous burgers...............either turkey, beef or elk. You can also get brisket on a bun.  Karl said it was great. You can have liquid refreshment too and all the beers featured on the menu are Canadian and some from the little micro breweries here in Oakville.  We didn't get a window seat so I opted to take a photo when we got outside.

The weather was perfect, just like Saturday.  Warm and sunny and the food was great.  I really do love a good burger.  I couldn't finish mine so I brought it home along with the fries and had that for my lunch the next day.

I didn't take a picture of us at lunch, but these are my gifts.  A beautiful bouquet of tulips and white chocolate strawberries, drizzled with milk chocolate.  How lucky was I?  Very, very lucky. 

When we got back to the house we -- as in only three of us (Kristina does not drink tea or coffee)-- each had a cup of coffee and then Kristina chose which lettuces she wanted and her Dad picked them.  Then she leaned over the fence and helped herself to a radish.  More were added to the bucket.  Another hour later and they were on their way home.

I had a wonderful week-end.  I'm looking forward to Father's Day now........that's our #4 grands, #1 granddaughter's birthday.  I have her gift all picked out.  I should go out and pick it up while I still remember.

Tomorrow what we did on Friday.

I'm going to take a moment and extend my family's deepest and sincerest condolences to my cousin, Bonnie and her family in British Columbia in the loss of their wonderful son-in-law David.
David was only 49 and drowned on Saturday.

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Humboldt Broncos
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