Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My old brown jeans

are now recycled into thread catchers. 
I saw this on a blog somewhere before the virus took over my computer and of course, when it comes back all your favourites are no longer ~~ well.......anywhere.  I don’t know what to call it to find it, so I took her idea and ran with it.  I know its not the same as I’m expanding on what she did.  I wish I could give her the credit, but as life would have, that can’t happen.
Here is my rendition of the catcher.  You can use your serger/overlock machine or your sewing machine.  Its really easy.
I trimmed off the hems of the jeans and then cut the width of my ruler up the leg………………6”.  I left the seams intact and they measured 10” when folded in length, so double that and you have 20”.  Your  jeans may have a skinnier leg, so make sure you measure.
IMG_2668You will need a lining, which you cut 1” wider and 1/2” longer.  Therefore, cut it 7” x 20 1/2”.  You need a seam allowance.IMG_2671
With right sides together sew the one seam on the lining 1/4”.  I didn’t bother to trim or overcast anything on the lining.  Once completed finger press a fold marking on the other end of the seam, insert a pin and then bring the seam to meet that crease.
IMG_2688           IMG_2689
Stitch the bottom of the lining with a 1/4” seam allowance.
For the bottom of the bag and both pieces are made exactly the same.  Make a good press mark to indicate where the side is  (#1 photo)
IMG_2673  Take the top of the fold and pull it in towards the right side of the bag so that it meets the bottom seam.   IMG_2674  Look at that lovely point you have………….take your ruler and mark from the outside 1”IMG_2675Mark it well so you can see it at the machine.  You will be either trimming it away on this line at the serger, or stitching on it at the sewing machine.
IMG_2676  Do both sides and look what you have on the bottom.  Perfect!  (well it would have been if both my seams were heading in the same direction.)  The lining is done exactly the same.  If you have done this sewing on your sewing machine, trim away the excess.IMG_2677
Turn the jean part right side out and then insert the lining so that wrong sides are together.  IMG_2679
Fold the top of the lining over 1/2” and pin, then very carefully pin the lining to the top of the catcher.  I pull the jean fabric up so that it just touched the edge of where I turned over.IMG_2684  I stitched this in place using a straight stitch but nothing to say you couldn’t use a fancy stitch.  I do recommend if you are not very good at sewing close to the edge, if possible,  reduce the speed on your sewing machine.  I drop down quite a bit and regardless of how hard I put my pedal to the metal it maintains that speed.IMG_2685
Here you go.  All done and ready to be put to work.  I have two now………….one for Hedwig and one for Fancy Nancy.  Major doesn’t need one, she came with her own.
IMG_2687      IMG_2672
Tomorrow…………..I don’t know yet, but I’m planning something for you.

A PDF is on the How to page.

I want to thank the gals that have written to comment on the EQ programme in regards to metres to yardage.  I did know it could be changed, but when doing a BOM for international use, it is easier to leave it in yardage and use the chart beside me to convert.  
I am one of those poor unfortunate souls who couldn't work in metric if you paid me to.  I never learned it, don't want to learn it and that is the problem.  I can tell you exactly what a 1/4" seam allowance looks like, but give it to me in metric and I'll give you a totally dumb blank stare.  My brain functions in yardage and I guess that's the way its going to stay.
I'm the same with the temperature.  Tell me its 81F* and I gotcha!  Tell me its 17C* and I figure its downright cold outside  and I wouldn't even open a door.
Pathetic, aren't I?

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