Monday, May 28, 2012

Done, diddy done, done!!!

I finished it.  Misty’s quilt is all done.  I wasn’t able to bind in brown as there was a huge chunk taken off the end of the piece I had chosen.  I did have a green which wasn’t too bad with it, so its all gone from the stash now.
I just did simple quilting in the middle of the quilt…….I kept telling myself this is only for the cat…………..didn’t quite work.
Misty's quilt  This is the front……..not bad for a cat……………….all cats should be treated so very well.
may 22 065
The back is off centre which is what I was trying to accomplish.  It all worked out  accidently.  I did like the way the straight stitching gives a wider look to the insert in the back.You will have to enlarge the photo to see it. 
photos 005   This is a good size piece to try out new things.  What can you loose on a small little quilt like this?  For me, nothing, as the cat isn’t going to say a word to me.  You never bite the hand that feeds you………….I keep telling her that.
Of course her name is engraved on the border

along with cats………….photos 008
She finally tucked herself under it on last Tuesday to have her afternoon nap.  I think she likes it.
photos 004  Now onto other things……..

I was working on the BOM quilt on the week-end and decided to get my border fabric while it was still in stock.  For once I'm thinking ahead.  I have the yardage printed out from EQ, but its all in yards, which is a good thing if you don't live in Canada.

I knew somewhere in my quilt books there was a chart.  I'm going to share with all of you because as I said in the printout, I'm fine with 1 yard but anything else...............................

I'm going to put this over on the "How to" page so its available should you happen to loose your copy.

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Humboldt Broncos
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