Thursday, May 24, 2012

The borders and the backing

  Dog bones on some – no cat treats at all – which would miff any cat.  I did select the most cat fabric squares I could find.  The dog fabric?  Ah-ha, that’s relegated to the back.  Now don’t take me wrong.  I do love dogs, black labrador retrievers are my favourite, I’ll take a cross of them too.  Any cat, not fussy there.
Okay the borders. 
I put some fabrics up on the flannel board and took them down.  Gee, sometimes what you think will work, just doesn’t work at all, does it?  These ended up being the closest I had on hand.
IMG_2419I decided to do a “log cabin” border.  I have no idea if that is what this style is called, that’s my name for it.  I started at the bottom…………….because I didn’t want that gold on the left.  Well, that was my reason at the time.  After the bottom, I cut the border for the left side and sewed it on.
I then started with the gold and put the top on.
IMG_2421 I finished it off with the right side.IMG_2422
I must say it is very bright.  Ah well, its what I had in stock.
Now the backing.  I made the backing out of the left-overs and sewed them together exactly as I did the front.
TIP:  When sewing your strips together pull the ends of your thread out to the side so that they won’t get tucked inside the seams and having them show on the right side.
IMG_2423  I have found that it is much easier to clip them away after sewing the seam than fiddling around pulling them back through with a pin when you have the top all finished.
IMG_2426I have had this lovely fabric around for a couple of years and its one of those that just never seems to fit in with anything.  I bought it on PEI for a baby quilt but thought it looked too “formal” and bought something else.  I thought it looked pretty good with these blocks and really does it matter?
The top measures about 32 x 32 so the back has to be slightly larger.  I decided I want those blocks up towards the top right side of the back.  I cut the first two borders 6 1/2” wide and sewed them in place. 
Then I measured what I had.  I laid the 32” line of the measuring tape on the finished side and carried it across the front of the quilt. 
Looks like I need 7” more.  I looked at the piece of fabric I had left and decided lets get rid of it.  I cut the last two borders 9” and sewed them in place.
Here it is all done and large enough.  I’m going to do some really simple sewing on this.  Nothing fancy.  I’ll bind in a dark tan colour that’s been laying around for awhile.

Charleen and I are off to St. Jacobs today for their show.  Our plans are to arrive at the Merchants Mall at 10:00 -- spend some time and I'm leaving my wallet at home -- Then the Mill, then the Mennonite Church (pop some lunch in here somewhere) and then the local fabric shop.  Sounds like a good day doesn't it?

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