Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What’s next?

I have lots to choose from.  I have so much tucked here and stashed there it is ridiculous.  What makes me do the things I do?  I have no idea, but I think its time to rein in.
I could pick this
april for blog book covers 014 as I have started to set fabrics aside for it.  However, I don’t have enough background fabric so that’s a not do for now.  This will be one of the 6 Christmas quilts I want to give to my family.
These are some of my favourite fabrics in my stash.  I don’t off hand know how many fat quarters there are, but there are a lot.  I’ll have to press them all before I start to cut.  I have the pattern chosen.april for blog book covers 018
april for blog book covers 019
This is another favourite.  I bought this at a quilt show up in Kitchener/Waterloo last year and then set about trying to find the Stonehenge fabrics that would work with it.  It wasn’t easy as the store I bought the panel from didn’t have them, so I got on the phone to Thousands of Bolts and a very kind lady helped me with the ones I wanted.
april for blog book covers 020A new book?  This is one for my holiday reading when we head up to Ottawa.  Its a hard cover and I want to save that paper cover, so fabrics covers will do the trick.  I love that blue fabric and just for once, a fabric I love I’m keeping.                             
Then there are these……..layer cakes from Moda.  Purchased at another quilt show last year.  See what I mean about impulse buying?  I’m stopping this, I am!
april 001Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company did a great tutorial on what to do with these.  I’m going to give it a whirl. Two days I should have something done with them.
Okay which did I choose?  Tomorrow………………….

Have you noticed?

I found a new way to write up my blog and then post.  I can do a few more things this way, like "tilt" a picture, frame the picture, add a copyright symbol if I care to.  I believe this saves me from loading up my albums which got me into trouble awhile back.  I can sit and type up the post while working on a project.  It makes it easier for me.  Hope you like it.  I may find more to play with.  You'll see it if I do.

What is it?

This was in the slideshow on Monday.
This is an iron fluter.  Definition:

Made from cast iron, the fluter would have been propped before the coals in the hearth to heat. The piece to be ironed would be moistened and laid over the grooved base. Then, with a potholder wrapped around the handle, the heated iron would be rocked over the cloth, and with a hiss of steam, the linen would be perfectly pressed with rows of narrow flutes or pleats.
Want to know more?
Here is a great blog that tells you all about it.

Tomorrow is.......

Pay it Forward Day

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