Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm ready!

I called my long arm quilter and booked three quilts. One for April, one for May and one for June.  I've had them sitting around for awhile and its time.  Good grief summer is nearly here and I need them for the beds.  Well, okay, not need................want them.

Remember this one?

One of these fabrics was left over from Taylor's quilt....................the yellow, so I added creams and reds and played for days making this top.  I didn't like the first one, I didn't like the second one, but this will work.  Its just for the back room and it won't be used that often, but it needs colour in there and this will provide it.

You'll notice my able bodied assistant was there when I needed her.

The backing for this one was easy.  I found this wonderful yellow fabric with red something or others on it and knew right away it would work.  I bought four yards as I didn't have the measurements with me when I spied it sitting on a shelf.  Cut in half and sew together.  Doesn't make for a lot of work.  I would like a red thread on this one.  I have no idea of the design, as I know my LA will come up with something.  That's her job in my humble opinion.

Then there was my latest from the jelly roll race.  Same thing, cut and sew the back together.  I have enough left over to make the trim on a pillow case.  Of course, to do that I have to buy more fabric for the body of the case.  It never ends, I tell you.  I'm thinking either coral or brown thread on this.  Once again no idea of the design.

Next is the quilt I made from the swap I was in awhile ago.  I want this done by a long arm.  I could do it myself, but everyone put so much into this quilt and it has such a great story behind it I want this special.

Now the backing for this one really caused me some angst.  I saw a fabric and really liked it.  It is so colourful, but I knew there wasn't enough.  I phoned Robin and she said to cut it off at the 80" and cut the other piece in half and sew it together at the selvedge edge.  I did and it was 5" short in width.  Of course I didn't discover this until I had the whole thing sewn together. 
I decided to widen it with a long black strip like the blocks on the front.  I told Karl I would be busy for awhile as I had to reverse stitch.   And then......

  I pressed the fabric in half right down through the middle and trimmed away just a tiny little smidge with my rotary cutter. 

I cut the black fabric and of course had to have a seam in the middle of that.  I sewed it to the black print and it came out perfectly.  This backing has a load of seams all pressed open ready to go.  Wide enough and long enough.  I think this will be the June one.
It felt good to get these all ready.  When Robin calls I can just grab the hanger and head out the door.  That will be it for long arm quilting for awhile.  I take the summer off so I can save for the fall.  I'm planning to get my mystery quilt done and I have the backing for that one on hand.  Just have to finish the top and that will be done in May -- god willing and the creek don't rise.

Robin called...............quilt #1 is over at her house.  Yeah!

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