Thursday, February 16, 2012

This, that and the next thing


The other night I was sitting going through my Picasa album, deleting photos that didn't need to be there.  I accidentally rolled my wheel on my mouse and everything went miniature.  I mean really miniature.  So small even a magnifying glass wouldn't have helped.  I left that page and googled my problem and of course the answer came up.  Problem was......................I couldn't read it!!!  Of course I couldn't.  But I strained these old eyes until I thought I saw "ctrl" and "+"  ~~  so, I hit "ctrl" and "+" and my gosh, the size grew and grew and grew until I had to reverse it.  So I hit "ctrl" and "-" and it shrunk and shrunk and then I decided I better leave well enough alone.  Another lesson learned.  I will learn this machine, come heck or high water.  It's been 6 years and I seem to find out something at least once a week.  That is your computer lesson for the month.  LOL


I have  been busy.  I promised the girl running the members boutique that I would contribute some things to put in it.  What?  Well, I thought maybe sewing machine organizers.  I absolutely love mine.  I have one for 3 of my 4 machines.  It sure comes in handy when I take out pins.  I don't bother looking for my pin cushion I just jam them into the padding.  My scissors are always (okay, okay, almost always) right there where I need them and that wonderful friend ~~ the seam ripper ~~ is also kept in one pocket.  So far, 4 down, 3 to go.


Karl gave me/us a GPS for Christmas.  Of course, they don't sell them with pouches or with the house charger.  Those are extra!   We gave it a test run over to Anita's and it works very well.  Karl kept changing the route and it kept up with us.  I figured it was good to "test" it with Karl as he knows most of the highways and byways in this area.  Me................not so much.

Packing it all back up when we got home was a pain, so I decided to make a Snap Happy pouch.  Betty sent this pattern to me a long time ago along with a pouch and I love it.  I made this one larger to accommodate the cords and the booklet.  I will also admit that I didn't remember the instructions and messed up the casing at the top, but I'll continue to do it my way in the future.  I actually like it better.  I have this terrible problem of thinking I remember how to do something and half way through find out I don't!  Ask me about sewing machines organizers.  Then and again maybe you shouldn't.

There have been a rash of thefts in Toronto when people have left their navigational systems in their cars, so trying to find a safe spot for it, wasn't even an option for us.  They are too expensive to have lying around so a pouch was the answer.  I can put it in the car when I need it and bring it back into the house with me.  Now I have no excuses not to get to all those upcoming quilt shows.

By the way, I have all 7 sewing machine organizers done.  Now onto something else.

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Humboldt Broncos
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